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  1. - Sessions
  2. - Speaker Gifts
  3. - Coffee Break
  4. - Keynote Forum
  5. - Welcome Banquet


Engii holds global conferences every year. The conference themes cover different fields, and the invited famous scholars and experts from all over the world will exchange the latest research results and share the advanced research methods. We would like to share this valuable opportunity with related enterprises to exchange technologies and promote businesses.

Reasons for exhibition on Engii Conferences
  • 1. Get acquainted with the researchers, scholars and colleagues in the field of engineering and technology from all over the world, get to know the latest trend of this industry development, enhance the technology exchanging, and discuss the newly developed issues.
  • 2. Expose and promote your new ideas, new technologies and new products.
  • 3. Exchange your opinions with the experts face to face and broaden your network of interpersonal relationship.
  • 4. You can even hold a mini size job fair to get acquainted with the high leveled talents and postgraduates in related fields, and attract them to join in your company.
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