• Apperceiving Undergraduates’ Expectation to Faculty Realizing Four "Integrations" in Teaching*   [CPSH 2013]
  • Author(s)
  • Haiqin Yu, Liangguo Yan, Qin Wei, Zonggang Mu
  • The status of universities is more and more important in the society progresses, and the degree of every societal stratum focus on higher education quality is increasing. Through the investigation and the analysis, we profoundly realized the university teachers should follow the education teaching rule self-consciously and must realize the four "integrations" in the course of teaching, namely the integration of "strict" and "tolerant", the integration of "teaching"and "education", the integration of "saying" and "doing" and the integration of "partial" and "overall". Only we cherish the teacher soul of "coming with a warm-hearted attitude, leaving with not a bit of grass", can we describe a more beautiful grand picture scroll for the higher education enterprise.
  • Strict and Tolerant; Teaching and Education; Saying and Doing; Partial and Overall; Integrations
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