• Developing of University Students’ Psychological Insecu-rity Questionnaire*   [CPSH 2013]
  • Author(s)
  • Jinglun Yang, Haiyan Liu, Jingjing Guo
  • Objective: To develop the University students’ psychological insecurity questionnaire. Methods : The questionnaire was based on previous literature and case interview. Data were gathered from 320 university students, and discussed the structure by exploratory factor analysis and Confirmatory factor analysis, then analyzed reliability and validity. Result: University students’ psychological insecurity includes 5 factors, such as anxiety and panic, escaping and avoiding, irritability and hyperactivity, the general sense of insecurity , self troubleshooting. The questionnaire has well reliability and validity, and at the same time it proves that psychological insecurity has multidimensional structure.
  • Psychological Insecurity; Psychological Safety; Questionnaire; University Students
  • References
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