• The Relationship between Confucianism and Taoism Emotion Regulation Strategies and Mental Health   [CPSH 2013]
  • Author(s)
  • Fang Kong, Haiyan Liu
  • According to the Coping Model of Emotion Regulation Proposed by Lazarrus and Folkman, when missions are controlled Confucianism suggests to take the initiative to explore and cope with the events that trigger negative emotions and adopt problem-centered coping strategy to keep mentally health, while with missions uncontrolled, it is switched to emotion-centered coping strategy, which is of benefit to individual metal health. When coping with people's emotion disturbance, Taoists prefer to take such measures as changing cognitition, behavior inhibition and so on to regulate emotions. Studies show that the strategy of emotion regulation-cogonitive reevaluation is more beneficial to maintain people's subjective well-being than behav-ior inhibition.
  • Confucianism; Taoists; Emotion Regulation; Mental Health
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