• Under the Influence of Positive Psychology Research the Relationship between Teachers and Students   [CPSH 2013]
  • Author(s)
  • Jianhong Chen
  • School education is not only spread knowledge to students, but also to cultivate students’ sound personality, shaping perfect personality. Teachers are architects of the human soul teachers as disseminators of knowledge, all time is contact with students' mind, so teachers' profession is with the mind to irrigate the career of the mind. In this mind contact, the communication between teachers and students plays a vital role. The harmonious relationship between teachers and students will have a harmonious classroom of atmosphere, also can bring good teaching effect. Aiming at the problems and deficiencies of the relationship between teachers and students at present, the theory of positive psychology knowledge as the hub, mining teachers' and students' inner positive mental quality, so as to guide teachers and students to build truly trust, harmonious, happy friend relationship.
  • Positive Psychology; Teacher; Student; Relationship
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