• From Negative to Positive: The Shiftiness of the Focus on Psychological Health Education of College Students   [CPSH 2013]
  • Author(s)
  • Hui-jun Chen
  • Ever since a long time ago, the educational focus on psychological health of college students in our country is that, to ascertain psychological problems and to treat psychological disorders. This is a kind of negative educational pattern, which weakened the holistic function and invisibly resisted the promotion of the education. Recently, the growing up movement of positive psychology in western society abandoned tradi-tional negative pattern, confirmed the virtue and strength of human beings, focused on potential and happiness of our life. The movement enlightened us that it’s necessary and urgent to assimilate new ideas and shift past negative pattern to positive one. Positive psychology has significant instructions on the shiftiness of educa-tional focus, which providing us with theoretical and practical orientation on the construction of new object, content and method system of college students’ psychological health education as well.
  • Positive; Focus; Psychological Health Education; College Students
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