• Study on Teaching Resource Integration Based on the Cooperative Teaching Mode for Physiological Psychology Course*   [CPSH 2013]
  • Author(s)
  • Rong Wang, Shuhua Wei, Xiumei Yan
  • Physiological psychology, as a compulsory foundation course for psychology majors, possesses poorer teaching resources. Based on the cooperative teaching idea, we optimized and integrated teaching resources according to the cultivating goals and the characteristics of physiological psychology course. In the aspects of teaching content and curriculum system, schematism, conformability, value multiplicity and openness of instruction are attached great importance to. In the aspects of teaching method, courseware is perfected, discussion learning and research learning get increased, website construction and after-school tutoring are strengthened. All these measures help to integrate and optimize teaching resources to achieve the whole goal of teaching
  • Physiological Psychology; Cooperative Teaching; Teaching Resource Integration; Course Construction
  • References
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