• A Study on the Application of Psychometric Tools for Employee Mental Consultation   [CPSH 2013]
  • Author(s)
  • Chung-Li Du, Te-Tsung Ho, June Tsai, Hsin-Ting Tu, Wan-Ting Hsu
  • To understand the physical and mental health intervention effects, and to build effective psychometric tools, we apply SF-36 & Center for Epidemiological Study (CES-D) questionnaire, Smart In (SI) tests to the employees in the Shin-Chu National Science Park. There are 76, including 40 female and 36 male workers from two high-tech companies participate in this program, inclusive of medical, nutritional, physical and mental consultation service. SI test was based on Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality as-sessment, tree-house-people (THP) & color psychology projection technique, and was done via internet and cloud computing system so that the participants can check their test results in private and immediately. Em-ployee mental consultation was arranged according to high CES-D score or voluntary will, thereafter 1~2 times of consultation within 2 months, and post-tests were conducted. The test data was analyzed by JMP software. The results showed the correlation between CES-D and SF36 are mild (R2 = 0.21),among them men significantly higher (0.52) than women (0.11). The correlation between CES-D and SI(color projection) is only significant among women(R2 = 0.29). In personality dimension,men with sensitive intuition got sig-nificant high CES-D score (R2 = 0.29). After intervention with mental consultation, CES-D significantly de-creased among women examinee (R2 = 0.51), albeit the color& THP projection tests are not. We concluded that while CES-D and SF 36 could measure mental health problems in the workplace as other study showed, SI test, first time studied in Taiwan, is shown to be effective in reflecting emotional or basic needs from dif-ferent genders’ response through its personality and projection tests, and is recommended as another supple-mental psychometric and mental consultation tools in employee assistant programs.
  • Psychodiagnostic Tests; Employee Mental Consultation; SF-36; CES-D; Cloud System
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