• Why Weibo Attracts Youth?The Perspective of Maslow’s Hierarchy Theory of Needs   [CPSH 2013]
  • Author(s)
  • Xinyi Hong
  • As a new type of social media, Weibo (the Chinese twitter) is very popular among youth (age18- 25). So, why Weibo attracts youth? This paper analyzes reasons from the framework of Maslow’s hierarchy theory of needs, by the methods of interviews and text analysis. Through the study, three main reasons are drew: (i) Weibo satisfies youth’s prepotent needs of belongingness and love so that they can join groups more quickly, keep in touch with others and establish initial relationship more easily; (ii) in security aspect, it helps youth acquire solutions of emergency, clarifications of rumors and answers of uncertain things; and (iii) let youth gain the acception and respect from themselves or others. What’s more, Weibo also provides information and stage for youth’s physiological and self-actualization needs, indirectly.
  • Weibo; Youth; Hierarchy Theory of Needs
  • References
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