• The Study of Relation of Bullying Behavior Character-istics, Personality and Parental Rearing Patterns of Rural Junior Middle School Student   [CPSH 2013]
  • Author(s)
  • Jiao Cao, Yonghong Zhang
  • This study aims to explore the relationship between bullying behavior and bringing up way, the personality of junior middle school students.Methods:191 rural junior middle school students from Beibei and Fuling of Chongqing province are investigated by bully questionnaire, EPQ and EMBU. Results: (1) Bullying behavior is universal in the rural schools, at the same time, there are also a few different charac-teristics;(2)There is certain relation between personality and bullying behavior, Some personality charac-teristics make it easier for children to become bullies or by the bully, the bully in the personality charac-teristics of high neuroticism and extraversion as relative to typical characteristics, the typical characteris-tics of the bullied is high and introversion;(3)There is a close relation between parents education way be-tween bullying behavior, there is significant difference on the every factor of mother’s education way about different bully kinds, and so is father’s education way. Conclusions:(1) Social, schools and families should pay more attention to the bully behaviors and different cultivation way should be taken according to different groups of rural junior middle school students, in order to improve the rural bullying in school;(2) It does better to cultivate the rural junior school students’ personalities if the parenting styles is positive rather than negative ones.
  • Rural Junior Middle School Students; Bullying Behavior; Personality; Education Way
  • References
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