• Study on Employment-Oriented AEIOU Method and Hi-erarchical Classification Training Mode   [CCE 2013]
  • Author(s)
  • Zhenyun Zhou, Daoming Wang and Jingyi Xing
  • In order to meet the diverse demand for enterprise social development, college professional training and student individual growth, we should innovate personnel training mode of hierarchical classification. The employment-oriented hierarchical classification is a mechanism based on college training specialization and corporation positions professionalization, apply the AEIOU method to classify according to the characteristics of the personnel demand, thus summarize the feature of the personnel needs, the way of professionals setting and the mechanism of personnel training. According to personnel demand characteristics and professional adjust in Hangzhou Dianzi University, we come up with these mechanisms: excellent training, "1+1" training, collaborative training.
  • Hierarchical Classification; Training Mode; Employment Orientation; AEIOU Method
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