• Universities of Science and Engineering Courses Teach-ing Reform and Innovation Explore ——Heuristic Problem-based Teaching   [CCE 2013]
  • Author(s)
  • Jian Ma, Cheng Cao, Qing Wang, Fan Yang
  • This paper first introduces the background and development status of the teaching methods of the problem, and the requirements of its students with the ability to explain the significance of the teaching practice. Then by Heuristic Approach to science and engineering courses Introduction to transmission lines, for example, raised questions from the ladder, setting poblem scenarios , encouraging and inspiring students, the utilization of network resources and new courses contact prospects specify the heuristic Approach implementation steps, pay attention to the problem and effect. Finally concluded by listing the shortcomings heuristic problem pedagogical practices, and then pointed out the direction of its future improvements, the colleges and universities to improve the efficiency of classroom teaching and to stimulate students' interest in learning have an invaluable role.
  • Colleges and Universities; Science and Engineering; Transmission; Problems Pedagogy
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