• Analysis on Cultivating College Students’ Innovation Ability   [CCE 2013]
  • Author(s)
  • Lianghong Hui, Yafeng Zhang
  • This paper surveys the success factors of the college students who participated in the "Challenge Cup", a national competition for extracurricular academic and technological achievements in Chinese universities. Self-reported data were collected from 95 college students who got awarded in the final round of Hebei province in China. The result of exploratory factor analysis extracted seven different dominant factors. They are named as follows: teamwork, research ability, attitude, topic features, captain role, material possession and thinking ability. The descriptive statistical results show that all the seven factors have high means, with "attitude" the highest (M = 4.56). Based on the data analysis, we put forward relevant suggestions. First, a very well preparation is a must, which should focus on the boost of teamwork and appropriate topic choice. Second, management department of universities should build effective encouragement system to motivate students in their participation of innovative activities. Third, supervisors are supposed to adopt all useful measures to support the students’ autonomous studies. Last but not least, all universities are encouraged to provide the appropriate platform for the university students to dive into the innovative challenges.
  • College Student; Innovation Ability; Cultivation; Factor Analysis
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