• A Study of the Correlations among Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences   [CCE 2013]
  • Author(s)
  • Jon-Chao Hong, Feng-Min Chen, Pei-Lin Chou, Pei-Hsin Lin, Yi-Tien Liao
  • The theory of multiple intelligences (TMI) was proposed by the American psychologist Howard Gardner in 1983. A multiple intelligences test analysis, when used for comparing an individual’s advantageous and disadvantageous characteristics, can assist in the appropriate planning and self-exploration of the individual’s learning activities and career development. The present study investigated the relationship between the various intelligences to provide a better understanding of how to identify both an individual’s stronger intelligences and which aspects of intelligence demonstrate better performance.
  • Theory of Mutiple Intelligences (TMI); Career Development; Questionnaire Survey; Behavioral Characteristics
  • References
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