• Study on the Creative Education Methods of Computer Virus Theories and Prevention Course   [CCE 2013]
  • Author(s)
  • Hui Liu, Yong Wang
  • According to the specific characteristics of computer virus theories and prevention course teaching, we use the task-driven education policy in order to improve the effect of classroom instruction, which will make the students learn something valuable, and utilize what they learn effectively. These methods can be summarized as follows: using the method of video demonstration and case teaching, Student teaching course content for the task, driven by the object of participating in the students' science and technology innovation, paying more attention to the experimental teaching and practical ability. We advocate a study method of active-learning, cooperation, exploration and creative learning, which increases the students’ self-study consciousness and interest, exercises the cooperation and communication skills, achieving the goal of creative education.
  • Creative Education; Computer Virus; Task Driven; Active Learning; Cooperation
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