• Career Path and Political Stability: Factors for Leaving Indonesia?   [MASS 2014]
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  • Tutik Inayati
  • This study focuses on the relationship between factors career path and political stability on the decision making whether to live in Indonesia or to live abroad as their future plans; if they do, what the odds ratio is in each factor to their decisions. This study uses descriptive statistics and binary logistic regression model as the analysis tools for achieving this study’s objectives on fifty respondents. The result shows that most of the respondents are Indonesian male students, while pursuing undergraduate degree abroad with their intention mostly to return home as their future plans. The correlation between career path and political stability is low and negative. The model is not fit, but still at an acceptable level since the significance level is high; it shows that career path will increase the odds ratio people to move abroad or stay abroad almost 3 times likely, while political stability will increase the odds of people to stay abroad by 50%.
  • Career Path, Political Stability, Factors, Leaving Indonesia?
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