• Managing internal heterogeneity - China′s societal values and practices revisited   [MASS 2014]
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  • Helmut Kasper
  • An empirical study on the impact of demographic factors on the evaluation of GLOBE’s cultural dimensions by Chinese employees in North, South and Central China. Due to China’s rapid economic development, large market size and investment potentials, the number of foreign direct investments (FDI) has increased rapidly in recent years. However, to formulate and implement effective strategies in their expansion into China, FDIs need a deeper and wider understanding of Chinese culture and cross-cultural differences. One of the most popular approaches among scientists, consultants and managers with regard to cross-cultural differences is the Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness (GLOBE) study. The study was conceived by House in 1993 and is partially based on Hofstede’s famous works on cultural dimensions. Since then, GLOBE has evolved into a multiphase research project involving more than 170 researchers and over 17.000 participants of 62 societies, which has led to three published books, numerous journal articles, presentations and dissertations. A study of this magnitude and success is of course also subjected to criticism. One point of criticism is the problem of adequate sampling, especially for large, multicultural countries such as the United States, India or China. Furthermore it is also argued that in accordance to convergence theory, countries with more developed economies are more likely to share similar cultural values. Consequently, as China has an enormous regional disparity in economic development, it is therefore highly likely that cultural differences between high and low income regions can be observed. This is why we made use of the original GLOBE questionnaire and conducted an empirical study with over 650 Chinese employees of different age, gender and hierarchical levels in North, South and Central China. Our objective was to research whether and how demographic factors affect the evaluation of the GLOBE study questionnaire, in order to contribute to a more comprehensive picture of Chinese culture and its subcultures and provide additional insights for future cross-cultural research.
  • Managing internal heterogeneity, China′s societal values, practices revisited
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