• Self-Tuning PI Controller Based on Neural Network for Switched Reluctance Motor Drive   [MASS 2012]
  • Author(s)
  • Shun-Yuan Wang, Chwan-Lu Tseng, Shao-Chuan Chien, Chun-Han Tseng
  • The design and implementation of a novel neural- net- work proportional-integral controller (NNPIC) were carried out on the switched reluctance motor (SRM) drive system. The pro- posed controller consists of neural network and projection algo- rithm, in order to tune its parameters adaptively online under environmental variations. Two control schemes, NNPIC and PI control, were experimentally investigated and the performance index, root-mean-square-error (RMSE), was used to evaluate each scheme. The experimental results proved that the perfor- mance of the proposed controller was quite better than the con- ventional PI controller.
  • switched reluctance motor; neural network; projection algorithm
  • References
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