• Kinematic Analysis and Modeling of a Small Mobile Vehicle with Legged Locomotion Mode   [MASS 2012]
  • Author(s)
  • Jianying Tian, Honghua Zhao
  • Aiming at the moving requests of the miniature mo- bile vehicle under the environment of indoors and outdoors, A small track-wheel-legged mobile vehicle was developed in this paper. Many desired locomotion modes such as wheeled, tracked and legged locomotion can be realized by utilizing its independ- ently actuated arms up and down. In order to have good adapta- bility, high maneuverability of obstacle negotiation and high lo- comotion security, the kinematic modeling was described, kine- matic equations were derived, and optimization control was real- ized based on the analysis of the stability characteristics with wheel-legged locomotion, which can realize the posture control of mobile vehicle, so that the vehicle has the abilities of maintaining relatively stability of the body over uneven ground. And these abilities are of great significance to stable operation and vision control of the vehicle.
  • Mobile vehicle, Stability, Posture Control, Legged mode
  • References
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