• The impact of rural labor mobility on economic development in Liaoning, China   [MASS 2012]
  • Author(s)
  • LAN Bochao
  • The impact of rural labor mobility on rural economy is slightly different due to different development level, incoming, etc. in rural areas. In this paper, based on the data processing from Liaoning Statistical Yearbook of 1999-2010, the correlative analysis between rural labor mobility and economic development in Liaoning province was carried out. Consequently, the rural labor mobility has a positive role on promoting rural economic development in Liaoning province. In the survey questionnaire, SPSS package was used to make a statistical analysis on the characteristics of rural labor mobility in Liaoning province, finding the current major problems of rural labor mobility, and proposed the suggestions to solve problems.
  • rural labor force; rural labor mobility; rual economy
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