• Analysis and Verification of Cascading Phenomenon Based on Model Checking for Privacy-aware RBAC   [MASS 2012]
  • Author(s)
  • Mingjie Tang, Li Pan
  • Privacy has been regarded to be a critical requirement for various environments; Privacy-aware Role Based Access Control (P-RBAC) that extends the well known RBAC model is a model that can adequately support the fine-grained specification of privacy policies. Despite the enhanced privacy protection mechanism by P-RBAC, its cascading phenomenon within more than two polices which could lead to infinite execution are not detected and solved. In order to detect this phenomenon caused by the obligation element in P-RBAC, we propose a way that transforms such phenomenon into the process of examining cycles in a directed graph. An algorithm of translating the process into a model checking formalism is also proposed to do automatic verification. According the result, the criteria that solve the cascading are given. The experiments show that this algorithm can automatically detect the cascading in expected complexity, and solve it effectively.
  • RBAC; obligation; cascading; model checking
  • References
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