• Statistical analysis of medical characteristics in emergency department   [MASS 2012]
  • Author(s)
  • ZHU Ting, ZHANG Xin-li, LUO Li, HE Chang-zheng, CAO Yu, SHI Ying-kang
  • Emergency medical service plays an important role in responding to emergencies. The quantitative research on emergency medical service can provide a scientific basis for the operational management of emergency department (ED). In this article, the authors choose a kind of critical disease from the emergency department’s medical data of a typical hospital. An exploratory study has been carried out on the demand characteristics of emergency medical care in China, such as age, sex, source and the critical indexes that can reflect the emergency clinical efficiency, such as emergency treatment time etc. Meanwhile, this article presents an analysis on the ED process. Finally, we address several questions to propose mutually beneficial suggestions to ED overcrowding that include the patients flow, and several ED-based strategies to improve ED efficiency.
  • Emergency service; medical characteristics; statistics & numerical data analysis;
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