• Technical Analysis on Defensive Position of First baseman in Beijing Softball Team   [MASS 2012]
  • Author(s)
  • Zhang Hui-zhi
  • The paper uses data analysis and reference, observa- tion etc. various analysis technique. Study first baseman defen- sive position. In a first baseman catches the ball all data and posi- tion as the main content analysis. Main conclusion first base- man's defensive positions is flexible, adopted different according to different situation in defensive stance. Around each direction, starting fast. The move is mainly embodies accurate starting on both sides, quick response anthroponomy, turning back to back home accurate starting fast, familiar with each place, and in re- turn home to base on the fast at home. Catch up, especially when the strong ability of difficulty ball. With arrows and playing in different conditions of the cut-off defensive consciousness. Paper emphatically analyzes the first baseman defensive position in the specific location technical details, for Beijing softball team, espe- cially the first baseman defensive position technology for refer- ence.
  • Beijing first baseman softball team defense position technical analysis
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