• Log linear Model Analysis of School Physical Education in Primary and Secondary Schools in Sichuan   [MASS 2012]
  • Author(s)
  • Pan Li
  • By investigating 180 primary and secondary schools in Sichuan, the aim of this study was to explore the attitude of school leaders towards physical activity, the sports equipment and facilities, the physical education teachers’ feeling of achieve- ment, and the levels of teaching ability. By log linear model the questionnaire data were analyzed. The findings suggested that: (a) the leaders in primary and secondary schools were active in physical activity; there were no significant difference between urban and rural, and the school leaders in rural were more active than in urban; (b) sports equipment and facility can’t meet the requirement of physical activity in Sichuan in both urban and rural, and it was worse in rural; (c) male P.E. teachers were more satisfying to their jobs than female P.E. teachers, P.E. teachers in rural were more satisfying, the P.E male teachers in urban were more satisfying than the female, and (d) the teaching ability was nearly equal between urban and rural, and it can meet the requirement of teaching .
  • log linear model Physical Education; Sichuan; Primary and secondary school
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