• To Push Forward the Reform of Physical Educa- tion in Colleges and Universities by Relying on Traditional Resources of Ethnic Minorities Taking Daolang Body-Building Exercises in Xinjiang University as an Example   [MASS 2012]
  • Author(s)
  • Huimin Ma, Zhongwei Sun
  • Traditional ethnic minority sports have a long history. Vigorously developing traditional ethnic minority sports items plays a positive role in promoting the communication of tradi- tional ethnic minority sports culture. Therefore, it is very neces- sary and inevitable to conduct an investigation into the colleges and universities in Xinjiang with Xinjiang University as an ex- ample, to study the application of the traditional ethnic minority sports to sports teaching and to popularize such traditional eth- nic minority sports items as Daolang body-building exercises at school, even in the society.
  • Ethnic Minority Sports; Daolang Body-Building Exercises Teaching; Physical Education Teaching
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