• The Contribution of Information Resource Industry on Chinese Economic Growth   [MASS 2012]
  • Author(s)
  • Shoulian Tang, Xiaoke Xie
  • Information Resource Industry is an important modern service industry, and has great significance in the transformation of China’s economic development mode, the optimization and upgrading of traditional industries and expanding employment. This paper investigates the influence mechanism of Information Resource Industry on economic growth through innovation, technology diffusion and transformation mechanism. Firstly Information Resource Industry is defined in both theoretical and statistical level. Furthermore, the value added of Information Resource Industry and its contribution on GDP over the period of 1991-2009 are figured out in detail. Finally, element of information resource is added to the production function, and conducts empirical analysis to reveal the contribution of Information Resource Industry on economic growth. The results show that Information Resource Industry has become an important factor that impacts the economic growth.
  • nformation resource industry; influence mechanism; empirical analysis
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