• Research on the dimensions of service encounter in delivery of E-shopping   [MASS 2012]
  • Author(s)
  • Cui Xiao-lin, Du Xue-mei
  • The delivery of E-shopping is essential process in completing the online sales. The service quality of delivery plays an all-important role in the evaluation of the service quality of E-shopping by customers. From the customers view, with the critical incident technique (abbreviate to CIT) and the investigation at one University, the elements which influence service encounter quality in delivery of E-shopping are researched in this paper. Then, three dimensions of service encounter in delivery of E-shopping are acquired, that is, function encounters, personnel encounters and environment encounters. And the actuality of the delivery service encounter is not optimistic. This paper provides a basis for improving the service quality of E-shopping.
  • E-shopping; delivery; service encounter’s dimensions; CIT
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