• Study on Problems of the Leadership’s Performance Evaluation of Forestry Bureau in Heilongjiang Province   [MASS 2012]
  • Author(s)
  • Li Hongshan, Sun Meiling
  • This paper analyzes the present situation of performance evaluation of leadership of Forestry Bureau in Heilongjiang province, summarizing the problems in the current evaluation system. For example, the performance evaluation index system is not science, the results of evaluation are not useful, the frequency of evaluation is not reasonable, the choice of evaluation subject is not comprehensive. Construct the performance evaluation index system of leadership of Forestry Bureau, put forward to use evaluation results scientifically and to establish a mechanism which combines the regular evaluation with evaluation at ordinary times, establish the perfect performance evaluation information system and so on. This paper wants to provide reference for the effectiveness of performance evaluation of leadership and realize the harmonious unity of the economic, ecological and social benefits of Forestry Bureau.
  • Forestry Bureau; performance evaluation of leadership; evaluation indicator system
  • References
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