• On Quality Regulation of Food Safety in China   [EBM 2013]
  • Author(s)
  • Liu Meng, Jun Tong
  • "Food is the first necessity of human beings, safety is the most important nature of food". Food safety problem is a nationwide concern. The governments of most countries in the world deem it as a national public security issue and have made greater efforts to regulate it. Frequent occurrence of food safety incidents in recent years exposes serious drawbacks and deficiencies of China’s food safety control in legislation, regulatory agencies, social supervision and risk management, etc. With reference to foreign experience in food safety quality regulation, relevant countermeasures are proposed targeted at problems existing in China’s food safety quality regulation: to further improve food safety law system in legislation, perfect regulatory agencies in law enforcement, while strengthening social supervision and risk management, ensure China’s food safety to the maximum.
  • food safety; quality regulation; improvement
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