• The Supplier Selection Based on the Fuzzy Comprehen-sive Evaluation   [EBM 2013]
  • Author(s)
  • Yinxiaofeng, Maozhiyong
  • Since the 1980 s, supply chain management ideas’ development leads to the relationship between purchaser and supplier taking place great changes. On the one hand the choice of suppliers not only indirectly affects the enterprise cost of the product but also has become a strategic action; On the other hand, at present the choice of enterprise suppliers more relys on subjective factors lacking of scientific evaluation index. So the problem of suppliers has become an important factor that restricts the development of enterprises. This paper tries to get use of the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method ,then supplier evaluation factors are quantified to get more scientific and standardized evaluation the same time the preliminary construction of supplier selection process will be based on this method.
  • the management of suppliers’ choice; Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method; Supplier evaluation
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