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  • Study on Ultimate Pullout Force of Grouting Anchors of the Anchor-Pull Retaining Wall  [ICGG 2014]
  • DOI: 10.4236/gep.2014.25005   PP.32 - 37
  • Author(s)
  • Hongbo Zhang, Yifan Yu, Xiuguang Song, Yingyong Li, Jianqing Wu
  • Determination of the grouting anchor pullout force is a key step during the design of anchor-pull retaining wall, but it is mostly determined relied on empirical formula at present, and the rationality and the safety cannot be effectively guaranteed. Based on the engineering case of the gravity retaining wall of Qinglin Freeway, the model test was designed, and combined with the results of the ABAQUS finite element numerical analysis, it was analyzed that how the anchor axial pulling force distributes. The results showed that the force of the anchor near the wall bolt was large and which far from the wall was small and the ultimate pullout force was proportional to the length, diameter and shear strength. When the end tension of the anchor was small, the top load played a leading role on the anchor tension. This conclusion confirmed the calculation formula of ultimate pullout force was and provided a theoretical basis for anchor-pull retaining wall design and calculation.

  • Anchor-Pull Retaining Wall, Ultimate Pullout Force, Lateral Earth Pressure, Model Test, Numerical Analysis
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