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  • Xilinx System Generator® Based Implementation of a Novel Method of Extraction of Nonstationary Sinusoids  [CSIP 2013]
  • DOI: 10.4236/jsip.2013.43B002   PP.7 - 13
  • Author(s)
  • Muhammad Abubakar, Arshad Aziz, Pervez Akhtar
  • Model based implementation of a novel nonlinear adaptive filter for extraction of time varying sinusoids using Xilinx system generator has been presented in this work. The practicality of this filter model along with its performance makes it one of the foremost candidates to be applied on nonlinear systems for the purpose of estimation and extraction using reconfigurable hardware like FPGA. A design implementation and verification approach has been discussed for more efficient implementation. Timing and power analysis has been performed and the architecture has been optimized for speed and power to perform at higher frequency when integrated on a Xilinx FPGA. The proposed hardware oriented architecture has been successfully implemented and simulated. The simulation results to track a noisy input have also been shown to demonstrate the exceptional performance of the hardware based architecture developed.

  • Xilinx; System Generator; FPGA; Adaptive; Filter; Estimation; Sinusoid; Spatan6; Sta
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