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  • Study on the Critic Ablation Property of 2D Carbon Reinforced Silicon Carbide (C/SiC) Laminated Composites via CVI Process  [ACM 2017]
  • DOI: 10.4236/msce.2017.51011   PP.76 - 80
  • Author(s)
  • Changwan Min, Li Jing, Bin Fu, Geliang Sun, Zhanwei Cao
  • Two dimensions (2D) C/SiC laminated composites is the material with isotropic properties in laminated sheets, which is considered as a promising thermal skin for aircrafts. There are intense thermal flux and thermal impact at the local interference region during the flight of the aircrafts. Therefore, mastering ablation and mechanical properties of 2D C/SiC laminated composite under extreme environments become the guild lines for the designs of the flight corridor and the aircraft security. This paper presents the experimental results of the ablation and thermal impact of C/SiC composites under different thermal environments (thermal flux ~5 MW/m2), which were carried out with the equipments of free-jets and conduct pipes. The effects on the ablation and mechanical properties of the C/SiC composites are studied, including gas pressure, thermal temperature, and the rates of temperature increasing and decreasing. The results show that the active oxidation and ablation behaviors of 2D C/SiC laminated composites under the thermal flux 5 MW/m2 consist with that of theoretical simulations. The critical failure conditions of 2D C/SiC laminated composite is also provided for the enveloping designs of the whole composites lightweight aircrafts.
  • 2D, C/SiC, Critic, Ablation Property, Experimental
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