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  • Preparation Process and Optimization Design for Composites Rudderpost in the Long-Time High Temperature Environment  [ACM 2017]
  • DOI: 10.4236/msce.2017.51010   PP.69 - 75
  • Author(s)
  • Li Jing, Changwan Min, Geliang Sun, Bin Fu, Min Chen, Zhanwei Cao
  • Rudder is an important part for the glider aircraft. In order to satisfy the long-time high-velocity for the near-space vehicle in the atmosphere, the light- weight, high-stiffness and high-strength all-composites rudderpost is required urgently to be prepared. The all-composites rudderpost can keep high rudder efficiency in the high temperature environment. Based on the technique require-ment of high-performance composites rudder, a 3D C/SiC rudderpost was manufactured by the CVI-CMC-SiC [1] processes. It was found during rudderpost testing that the high-temperature mechanical properties decreased and had large discretization. The analysis of the failure mechanisms was conducted by FTA method to recognize the failure modes and main reasons for rudderpost abnormal fracture and to reproduce the fracture phenomenon, which could guide production company to modify their preparation process control. Then the modified processes were proved to be validated. And the stability and reliability of the production performances were improved.
  • Rudderpost, Preparation Process, FTA, Optimization Design, Optimization Manufacture
  • References
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