• OpenAccess
  • Quantitative Study of Lunisolar Precession Mechanism  [ICGG 2016]
  • DOI: 10.4236/gep.2016.47021   PP.185 - 193
  • Author(s)
  • Yueming Wu, Mingfu Cao
  • According to Xiaodong Song et al.’s study about difference rotation in the Earth’s inner core, a physical model of lunar motion changing the angular momentum of the Earth’s circles is presented in this work. The Lunar motion makes there be a huge gap existing in the core angular momentum between far lunar hemisphere and near lunar hemisphere. The gap results in the difference rota-tion in the Earth’s inner core, meanwhile, it increases the angular velocity of far lunar hemisphere and decreases the angular velocity of near lunar hemisphere. The Earth’s liquid outer core gene-rates an astro-geodynamical effect including the difference rotation among the Earth’s circles. It is found that when the moon moves into the apogee or the perigee of the lunar orbit, and the moon phase is the upper and lower chords (i.e. semi-diameter place), the true anomaly of the moon will change from 270-degree back (or forward) to 90-degree; this results in the mantle shell of the Earth westward, and forms lunisolar precession, the vernal equinox westward and Chandler polar motion.
  • Lunar Motion, Lunisolar Precession, Intersection Westward, Chandler Polar Motion, Formation Mechanism
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