• OpenAccess
  • An Analysis of Water Environment Factors and an Evaluation of Water Quantity of Liangzi Lake  [WRE 2016]
  • DOI: 10.4236/gep.2016.47006   PP.44 - 51
  • Author(s)
  • Hong Wang, Junlan Yao, Yanqiang Li
  • The experiments of single factor evaluation method, principal component analysis and voronoi area weighting factor method on the sample data of Liangzi Lake in October 2012 combined with the national surface water environment quality standards can get the map of comprehensive water quality distribution by Kriging interpolation. The analysis shows, the grades of comprehensive water quality gained by three methods are all only class III or class IV, and the quality of water is different from east and west that the water quality of east is better. However, the percent of IV class water is higher in the result of single factor evaluation method means class IV is the main grade of water quality. The result of principal component analysis shows the percent of class water is higher than other classes. The result of voronoi area weighting factor method shows the percent of IV class is higher than other classes. CODMn is the main factor that influences the method of singal factor evaluation and reduces the grade of water quality overall. The effect of single factor is reduced by principal component analysis, and the analysis on water quality is more accurate. The voronoi area weighing factor method reduces the effect of single factor and extends the content, can make a comprehensive evaluation on water quality.

  • Factor Analysis, PCA, Voronoi, Area Weighting Method, Water Quality Assessment
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