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  • Noninvasive Blood Glucose Measurement Based on NIR Spectrums and Double ANN Analysis  [iCBBE 2015]
  • DOI: 10.4236/jbm.2015.36007   PP.42 - 48
  • Author(s)
  • D. X. Guo, Y. Z. Shang, R. Peng, S. S. Yong, X. A. Wang
  • This paper presents a new noninvasive blood glucose monitoring method based on four near infrared spectrums and double artificial neural network analysis. We choose four near infrared wavelengths, 820 nm, 875 nm, 945 nm, 1050 nm, as transmission spectrums, and capture four fingers transmission PPG signals simultaneously. The wavelet transform algorithm is used to remove baseline drift, smooth signals and extract eight eigenvalues of each PPG signal. The eigenvalues are the input parameters of double artificial neural network analysis model. Double artificial neural network regression combines the classification recognition algorithm with prediction algorithm to improve the accuracy of measurement. Experiments show that the root mean square error of the prediction is between 0.97 mg/dL - 6.69 mg/dL, the average of root mean square error is 3.80 mg/dL.

  • Noninvasive, Blood Glucose, NIR, ANN
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