• The Relationship between Perfectionism and Suicide Ideation in College Students   [CPSH 2013]
  • Author(s)
  • Di Wu, Yuehua Tong
  • Perfectionism is one of personality traits with completing tasks perfectly. It’s a tendency with which one often pursues high standard and evaluates himself or herself according to whether he/she has meet the conditions. Suicidal attitude is a durable and consistent tendency which one holds on suicidal behavior and suicides. Though scholars domestic and overseas have had a thorough research of the theoretical conceits and dimensions of perfectionism and suicidal attitude, researchers don’t pay enough attention to the relationship between perfectionism and suicidal attitude. Depending on the limitations of the studies, this paper discusses the relationship between perfectionism and suicidal attitude, in order to provide scientific basis for better psychological guidance.
  • College Students; Perfectionism; Suicidal Attitude
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