• The Research and Design of the Psychological Evaluation Network System of College Students   [CPSH 2013]
  • Author(s)
  • Zhe Xu, Ping Zhu, Jie Mei
  • In modern universities, the students' mental health problems are paid more and more attention by the school authority. In order to carry out the mental health counseling well, universities should no longer rely on traditional ways, which cannot meet the requirements of modern education. Based on the students’ psy-chological evaluation, college students psychological evaluation network system can meet the needs of estab-lishing school files of the students’ mental health. At the same time, the system also can free people from the traditional pen-and-paper evaluation which consumes lots of human and financial resources. In this way can it offer more timely and accurate student mental health counseling services. College students psychological evaluation network system fully take into account the needs of the students’ and teachers’ use, and it uses the state-of-the-art development tools for system development, meeting the demand for students’ psychological evaluation network system to the maximum extent.
  • Psychological Evaluation; Network System; System Development; Universities
  • References
  • [1]
    Valle,R.Phenomenological Inquiry in Psychology.Plenum Press,1998.

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