• Hyperbolic Quaternion Reformulation of Maxwell-type Equations of Fluids   [CET 2016]
  • Author(s)
  • Suleyman Demir
  • The hyperbolic quaternions are 4-dimensional and non-associative mathematical structures. In this paper, after a brief summary about algebra of the hyperbolic quaternions, a new model is proposed for the reformulation of Maxwell-type equations of compressible fluids. The relevant field equations are presented by this type of quaternions. These equations are given in a com-pact, simple and elegant way. Moreover, the fluid wave equation is expressed in similar form to electromagnetic and gravitational counterparts. Derived equations are compared with their vectorial, biquaternionic, and octonionic representations.
  • Hyperbolic Quaternion Reformulation, Maxwell-type Equations, Fluids
  • References

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