• Microwave power transmission: recent situation, challenges, further orientations and some preliminary obtained theoretical development – experimental results   [APPEEC 2016]
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  • Chung Dong NGUYEN
  • Currently the problem of sustainable energy is very interested in the World. So far, many energy sources have been exploiting and using such as energy from the coal, petroleum, nuclear, renewable energy.., but each kind of these energy sources has own problems and their amounts are also very limited. Recently the scientists and technologists have intensively concentrated their activities to find new sources of clean energy. Space Solar Power gathers energy from sunlight in space and transmits it wirelessly to the Earth in the forms of high power microwave beam or high power laser beam which is the promise sustainable energy source. This energy source could ensure the energy security for mankind in future. Up to recently, a lot of research activities have carried out and one obtained many impressive results and applied both in civil (solar electricity) and army fields, unfortunately there are still many difficult theoretical and practical issues to face with. This presentation outlines firstly briefly about the features of Microwave Power transmission (MPT) system including solar power satellite, energy transfer environment from GEO to the Earth and Rectenna on the ground, after that outlines the situations of Microwave power transmission (MPT), some difficult problems, challenges, and further research orientations for the wireless microwave power transmission from the space orbits (LEO, MEO, GEO) to the Earth surface. Secondly the presentation will outline some our activities concerning MPT and the several preliminary obtained results concerning theoretical developments of 1D mathematical problem of WPT with simply energy transfer environment from GEO- to the earth as well as the some experiment results concerning fabrication of WPT system and measurement data of the energy transfer between two points on the earth surface will also be reported and discussed.
  • Microwave power transmission
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