• Critical line identification of the power system considering network structure and operating state   [APPEEC 2016]
  • Author(s)
  • Zhaoyang Qu
  • Abstract: Some critical lines in the large-scale power system have a great influence on the large-scale power outages and chain collapse accidents. Therefore, a practical method of critical line identification that conforms to the physical reality is need. First, a PTDF matrix is made based on PTDF (Power Transfer Distribution Factors) and the sensitivity of each branch at different load nodes is quantized from the point of network structure. Then, the model-based multi-machine power system transient energy function is used to solve the transient potential energy on each branch, and the vulnerability of branches is quantized from the perspective of running state based on the ratio of critical line transient potential energy and the share of transient potential energy. At last, based on the above processes, the validity and rationality of this method are verified by the simulating computation of IEEE39 nodes system and the comparison between this result and that of existing methods.
  • Critical line identification, network structure, operating state
  • References

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