• Application of Wavelet Mutation Detection Technology in Ultrasonic Localization of Partial Discharge in Transformer   [APPEEC 2016]
  • Author(s)
  • Yanwei Dong
  • The use of ultrasonic technology to locate the partial discharge(PD) of the power transformer, it must obtain the correct signal delay. Use the ultrasonic signal received by the sensor from the test device to simulate partial discharge and after detailed analysis found that the ultrasonic signal generated by the partial discharge with multiple mutations, the first mutation point should be the starting time of the partial discharge,which should be marked. But the traditional time delay estimation methods are often seem the peak signal mutation as a marker so the positioning accuracy was affected. Wavelet mutation detection technology can identify the signals for the first time mutation, the article describes the principle of wavelet mutation detection technology, and tests to locate the partial discharge, the results show that the positioning accuracy of the method significantly improved and compared to traditional methods the absolute error can be reduced by 1 ~ 2cm.
  • Wavelet Mutation Detection Technology, Ultrasonic Localization
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