• Comprehensive Power Quality Optimization and Security Control of Smart Grid   [APPEEC 2016]
  • Author(s)
  • Yong Li
  • With the development of smart grid in the world wide, more and more renewable energies, such as wind power and solar energy, are being integrated into the power systems. However, due to the wide applications of power electronics in power systems, the power quality issues, such as harmonic pollution, low power factor, low voltage, are three-phase unbalance, are being raised significantly. Further, the stability issues, such as low-frequency oscillations, have to be faced for modern power systems with more complex network structure and interconnection level. In this speech, the comprehensive power quality optimization and security control strategies will be presented for the secure and efficient operation of smart grid. An inductive power filtering method will be introduced to improve the power quality problems of industrial DC power supply systems, the grid-connected systems of wind farms, the traction power supply systems as well as the shipboard integrated power systems. The topologies, the wiring scheme and the operating principle will be introduced for the inductive power filtering method. The engineering applications of such a power filtering method will also be introduced briefly. On the other hand, the self-healing control of active distribution network will be discussed in this speech. The co-simulation modeling method will be introduced, and the hardware-in-the-loop simulation will be established to provide a unified testbed for the prototype development of intelligent terminal unit applied in distribution network. The networked state monitoring and protection will be proposed for the distribution network. Furthermore, the delay-dependent wide area damping control method will also be introduced to enhance the stability of hybrid AC/DC interconnected power systems.
  • Comprehensive Power Quality Optimization, Security Control, Smart Grid
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