• Advanced Z-Source Power Converters for Low-Voltage DC Energy Sources   [APPEEC 2016]
  • Author(s)
  • Miao Zhu
  • The concept of classical Z-source inverter was first proposed in 2002 for solving problems faced by the traditional voltage-source and current-source inverters. As a promising DC-AC solution scheme in renewable energy source applications, the Z-source inverter has been greatly explored from various aspects, but this topology is still constrained by its insufficient voltage boost inversion ability. In this seminar, some recent work about advanced Z-source inverters will be introduced in terms of their topology development and unique features. The new concepts of switched inductor and tapped inductor will be involved as well as their integrations in Z-source inverters. All of these new inverters are expected to find applications, where enhanced boosting capability of low DC voltage sources is needed, while yet still maintaining the basic features of classical Z-source inverter.
  • Advanced Z-Source Power Converters, Low-Voltage DC Energy Sources
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