• Adaptive Estimation of Grid Voltage Parameters with Zero Steady State Error: A Dynamic System Perspective   [APPEEC 2016]
  • Author(s)
  • Wei Lin
  • This plenary lecture presents a unified framework for estimation of single- or three-phase voltage parameters under grid unbalanced faults and harmonic disturbances. By treating the grid voltage as a dynamic system with unknown parameters related to the system fundamental and harmonic frequencies, we develop parameterized dynamic models and an adaptive observer-based approach to estimate single- and/or three-phase grid voltage parameters such as frequencies, amplitudes and phase angles with zero steady state error. The contributions of the talk can be summarized as follows: 1) when the grid involves only fundamental voltage, a third-order adaptive estimator is derived by observer design combined with the notion of passivity. It is shown that the third-order adaptive observer can estimate the grid voltage parameters without steady state error; 2) when the grid voltage involves harmonic disturbances, a higher-order adaptive observer is designed to estimate the grid voltage parameters. Passivity and Lyapunov-based arguments ensure that the proposed method also achieves zero steady state estimation error. Both numerical simulations and dSPACE-based experiments are conducted to validate the effectiveness of our estimation strategies.
  • Grid Voltage Parameters, Zero Steady State Error
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