• A Literature Review of Wind Forecasting Methods   [APPEEC 2014]
  • Author(s)
  • Wen-Yeau Chang
  • In this paper, an overview of new and current developments in wind forecasting is given where the focus lies upon prin-ciples and practical implementations. High penetration of wind power in the electricity system provides many chal-lenges to the power system operators, mainly due to the unpredictability and variability of wind power generation. Al-though wind energy may not be dispatched, an accurate forecasting method of wind speed and power generation can help the power system operators to reduce the risk of unreliability of electricity supply. This paper gives a literature survey on the categories and major methods of wind forecasting. Based on the assessment of wind speed and power forecasting methods, the future development direction of wind forecasting is proposed.
  • Literature Review, Wind Forecasting Methods
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