• Service-learning: The Research on the Practice Path of American College Students’ Career Education   [CCE 2013]
  • Author(s)
  • Zhao Rong, Beifei Shen
  • n the global ,community volunteer service has generally become the new strategy, in which the citizen participate and practice civil liability.The prosperity of volunteer service has also created the new opportunities for employment. And the community service learning is respected as a kind of education mode, which integrates the community service with course .Because it can meet the needs of the community service ,at the same time, can effectively promote students’ knowledge learning, ability training and civil responsibility formation. The article studies the main form of foreing college students' community volunteer service (take American college students for example)---the current situation and management mode of service learning practice . It explores the relationship of community volunteer service and the youth career education , reveals the influence and effectiveness ,such as the concept change of college students' employment, the improvement of professional skills ,the training of teamwork spirit, innovation ability and social ability ,which can provide positive and beneficial enlightenment for the deepening development of college students’ community volunteer service and career education in our country
  • Service-learning; Community Volunteer Service; Career Education
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