• Potential Ecological Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals in the Forestry Lands of Application of Municipal Sludge Compost   [EPPH 2014]
  • Author(s)
  • Yujia Zhai
  • Application of municipal sludge compost in forestry land will not directly bring pollutants, such as heavy metals, into food chain, but it will change the content of heavy metals in soil. This paper studied potential ecological risk of heavy metals in Ginkgo land and Plum blossom land after application of compost. The ecological risk index was used to evaluate the potential ecological risk of heavy metals in soil. The results show that the two lands had slight ecological risk. Chromium and mercury were the main pollution factors because of the high index of Cd and Hg. Hg of Ginkgo land had a higher risk. The higher the proportion of fertilization in soil, the greater the risk. Also, it can be found that soil background value is an important factor when application of sewage sludge compost in forest land.
  • Potential Ecological Risk,Heavy Metals,Forestry Lands, Municipal Sludge Compost
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