• Research on Financing Efficiency in "Three New Pads" for Cultural Creativity Industry Corporate of Jiangsu Province   [MASS 2014]
  • Author(s)
  • Jia Sun
  • Cultural creativity industry is an emerging industry with
    creativity as the core. It is an important part of modern
    service industry. And it promotes the strategic adjustment
    of Jiangsu province’s economic structure so as to achieve
    sustainable development. "Three New Pads" has become a
    MASS 2014 Conference Guide
    new financing channel for the cultural creativity industry.
    When financing in "Three New Pads", they face lots of
    problems, such as a lack of product or service innovation,
    and insufficient management innovation quality. In order
    to improve financing efficiency, these enterprises should
    take measures to reveal true and accurate information,
    constantly improve their own capacity development and
    innovation capacity. Supports from the government and
    cooperation with investors are also very important. AHP is
    meaningful to our study.
  • Financing Efficiency, "Three New Pads",Cultural Creativity Industry Corporate, Jiangsu Province
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